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‘A jocular and candid account of the extraordinary culture of Japan through the wide eyes of an adventurous, and at times hapless, westerner. Essential reading for student teachers, backpackers and Japanophiles.’
Ginny Light, former online travel editor, The Times

‘I thoroughly enjoyed For Fukui’s Sake. It really evokes that excitement of ‘discovering’ Japan for the first time. Baldwin’s sheer love of the country and its people comes across, while [he] acknowledges that it’s not always easy being a foreigner there. Made me want to get on a plane and go straight back to Japan.’
Jan Dodd, co-author, Rough Guide to Japan

‘A fascinating journey and a call to action for anyone stuck in a boring job who secretly dreams of escaping overseas.’
Mark Hodson, travel writer, The Sunday Times

‘A witty and highly entertaining account of a hapless Englishman’s experience of teaching in rural Japan, where the cultural chasms between the two countries provide for some hilarious moments. A fascinating insight into the lives of ordinary Japanese people.’
Helen Arnold, author, 1001 Escapes To Make Before You Die

‘If you’ve ever idly dreamed of a new life abroad, Baldwin’s Japanese adventure might just get you packing. From that first chopstick-full of octopus, to sharing a sunrise on Fuji, For Fukui’s Sake is an honest account of cultural discovery and friendship, and a lesson in the rewards of stepping outside your comfort zone.’
Ed Blomfield, editor, Whitelines Magazine

‘An enchanting and surprising story [of life] in a part of Japan few get to experience. Told with humour and elegance.’
Jennifer Barclay, author, Meeting Mr Kim

‘I’ve been a frequent visitor to Japan, but Baldwin’s fascinating book reveals a much deeper insight into Japanese culture than I have ever managed to discover. He saw his time there as a year in – not a year out. A great read.’
Arnie Wilson, editor, Ski & Board

‘Brought back happy memories of my visit [to Japan] and added a whole lot more I hadn’t realised. Reading about the real experience is much more valuable than any guide book; this book makes doing so a pleasure.’
Patrick Thorne, ski travel writer, The Independent on Sunday

‘The Japanese are often labelled ‘inscrutable’ [but] Baldwin managed to penetrate that veneer during his experience of living and working in a rural community in Japan. Amusing and revealing, [he] transports the reader to his side.’
Ken Forman, treasurer, Japan Society of Scotland

‘Entertaining and flowing, For Fukui’s Sake is an enjoyable insight to a Westerner’s life in Japan, and particularly inspirational for those looking to escape a mundane job in search of a unique working experience in a foreign country.’
Keith Stubbs, coordinating author, Snow-search Japan

‘In For Fukui’s Sake, Sam Baldwin shares many humorous and unusual experiences during his two years in Japan. Anyone visiting the country, even for a short time, is likely to encounter similar moments of befuddlement, which is all part of the country’s charm and something that makes visiting Japan all the more memorable.’
Kylie Clark, Japan National Tourism Organization

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