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  1. LauraK says:

    Sam, I cannot wait to read this! Congratulations!!x

  2. Robb says:

    Read your book this weekend and loved every page

  3. Thanks Robb – very kind of you to say so and glad you enjoyed it. It would be great if you could leave a short review on Amazon if you have 5 minutes. All the best!

  4. Hi Sam, Thoroughly enjoying the book. Will help promote it, on our website.

    Kind regards, Si

  5. Alan Vosper says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and have posted a review on Amazon. The book expresses many of my own feelings about living in Japan. I have been here for most of the last 5 years and have enjoyed walking in the mountains and exploring Japan on foot and bike, maintaining a photo journal at the Gallery link on my web site. Many thanks for making available the adventures during your 2 years here.

  6. Thanks for stopping by Si and Alan – much appreciated. Glad you enjoyed the book – please spread the word!

  7. Hi Sam,

    I’m currently a JET living in Fukui prefecture (Tsuruga), and I read your book a few months ago. I really enjoyed it! It was great to see the Fukui I know and love represented so well (and so humorously) on paper.

    I was actually most interested in your chapter on Kurumaya -sensei. I had read about him and his taiko dojo online, but your book gave me the final push I needed to seek him out. I’ve been attending practice at his dojo for a few months now. When he asked me how I came to find him, I mentioned your book, and he was pretty excited to hear about it! He’d like to get a hold of a copy, but I can only find the electronic version online. Will the book be coming out in hard copy anytime soon?


  8. Neil Amos says:

    Sam, just found your book and looking forward to reading it as I was in Ono in 1991 teaching English on JET at the high school. Will let you know if much changed!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sam,

    I read your entire blog, when discovered by chance in 2007. It was such an inspiration. Anyway I was most excited when I discovered you had written a book on the subject, so about ten minutes after revisiting your old page on the Blogspot (It is the only blog I ever check), I purchased a copy and read it on my phone!!!! 10 out of 10.

    Needless to say, I think the readers deserve a sequel at some point!

    All the best


  10. Hi Neil – thanks for stopping by. I’d be interested to know if you recognise any of the people and places featured!

    Hi Paul – thanks very much, that’s very kind of you to say so. It would be great if you could add a quick review to Amazon if you’ve got five mins. As for a sequel – I’m am working on a new book project (athough it’s not about Japan) – more about that soon!



  11. Ryan Earnshaw says:

    Hi Sam,
    Just finished reading the book, I stumble across it whilst searching for books on Japan in the kindle store… and something about it made me feel I had to pick it up (well download it) once I had, I couldn’t put it down, your writing is brilliant. Thanks for sharing your journey its been funny to read and been a great insight into a country I hope to visit one day. I have left a review on amazon (5stars and well deserved) and I will be recommending it to whoever will listen to me! Hope to see more from you in the future.
    cheers Ryan

  12. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks so much for your comment. I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed reading it and thanks for adding your review to Amazon too. Best of luck with your own travel plans, I hope you make it to Japan soon – it’s a great country!

    all the best


  13. Sherry Ebey says:

    Sam. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book “For Fukui’s Sake”. I lived in Yokosuka for 2 different tours to Japan. My hubby was in the Navy. I had 2 small girls so didn’t get to travel as much as I wanted but did go and see a few things. I could see in my mind how Fukui was like then saw your favorite picture from there and it was just like I thought it would be . I really miss not being there now and it has been 20 years since we left. You have many great memories and brought up many of mine while I read the book. Now thoes black rubber centipedes was not one of my favorite subjects. Had one crawl across my neck one night sleeping at home. still shutter. LOL Thank you so very much for writing about my favorite subject. I even shed a couple of tears when I got to the end. Again; thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such a good book. I did go and give a review for the kindle version. I only read books 1 time as there are too many in this world to read but this one will be with me forever and when I want to go back to Japan I will reread it, Over and Over again.

  14. Hi Sherry,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by. I’m really glad you enjoyed the book and that it triggered some good memories of Japan. It’s a great place and I still miss it!

    All the best


  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sam

    I happened to come across your book while browsing Amazon by my brand new kindle, and I purchased your book instantly because Fukui is the place I was born, raised, and educated.
    Amazingly, among several cities in Fukui prefecture, I am from the city of Ono. When you were in Ono, I also had some big events there. I got married and my wife gave birth to our daughter. I still remember that Fukui was hit by a big typhoon along with horrible flood. Yes, a lot of bears had been witnessed afterward.
    Now I live in Bangkok as a Japanese expat, and am amazed with locals’ life like you were several years ago in my home.
    It seems like you enjoyed your life in Ono more than most of locals do. And, I miss “tonchan “ and “oden at konbini” so much now after finishing your book.


  16. Konichiwa Kenichi-san!

    Thanks for the message – what a coincidence that you’re from Ono! Yes – I really enjoyed my time there – although I don’t miss the konbini oden! Keep enoying Bangkok – maybe you should write a book?



  17. Gareth says:

    Reading your book as we are going to Japan next year and really enjoying it so far. Maybe I might just visit Ono while I am there! Thanks for sharing your adventures and just look forward to seeing as much of Japan as I can.

  18. Hi Gareth,

    Thanks for stopping by and glad you’re enjoying the book. Have a great trip to Japan – Ono is a great little town although not somewhere most people bother to go to if they are only visiting for a short time! When you finish reading the book, be sure to add a quick review to Amazon if you can.



  19. Elliott says:

    Hi Sam,

    I just thought I’d drop by to let you know that I just finished reading your book and enjoyed it very much. I’ve always been fascinated with the Japanese culture and finally traveled to Tokyo / Yokohama a couple years ago for a few days. Reading your book reminded me of my trip to Japan and the experiences I had over there. I only wish your book was longer, as I know I would have enjoyed reading some more of your stories. Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures and stories from Japan.


  20. Hi Elliot,

    Thanks for your message – glad to hear your enjoyed it. If you want to read a little more – you can take a look at the blog I wrote whilst I was there. It’s got some more stories and lots of pictures which might be of interest:



  21. Elliott says:

    Thanks Sam! I will definitely check it out. I’d especially love to see your pictures.

  22. Matt Young says:

    Just to say I really enjoyed For Fukui’s Sake. I’m also an ex-JET, and now work as a Japanese-English patent translator. I’ve read some pretty ropey books on JET experiences over the years, but yours reminded me of the sense of adventure I felt during my early days in Japan. No mention of Eiheiji though? One of my favourite spots in Japan.
    Matt Young.

  23. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for stopping by and domo for the kind comment. I did visit Eiheiji several times – and yes, it is a great spot – but I only mention it in passing in the book (the bit about zen wisdom of shoe arrangement!). All the best with the translation business.

  24. Saki says:

    Hi Sam
    I was a Kamisho junior high school’s student 9 years ago.
    When you were in Japan, I was 13 years old.
    Recently, I visited Kamisho junior high school and I heared about your book.
    You told us your dream in class ” I want to be a writer ”.
    I am happy because your dream come true.
    Your blog in 2006 about shiro(printed out) is haved put up for 8 years.
    Shiro is fine now. (but she haved more injury in pained led last winter)
    She also will be happy that you report about her and Ono.
    When you come to Japan, Please come and see Shiro.

    Take care, please! Saki

  25. Hi Saki!

    Yes – I remember you – thanks for writing – hope you are doing well? It’s funny to hear my blog is still up in the school! Glad to hear Shiro is still genki – I plan to visit Ono again in 2015.

    Kyosukete yo


  26. Alan Lefor says:

    Cheers for writing a great book. As an American living in Japan, I can relate so closely to much of what you wrote. Excellent book, great stories. Small things would help, such as the correct spelling of Ono. But overall, great effort and congratulations for getting this out there for our enjoyment.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Loved it.

    Please write more…

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