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1. The Sensei has Landed
2. Journey to Fujisan
3. Lessons in Laughter
4. What Happens at the Enkai, Stays at the Enkai
5. Teeth Wisdom
6. Animal Encounters
7. A Night at Yumeya
8. Green Tea and Cake with Keiko
9. Encapsulated
10. Adventures in Snow
11. Feeling Foreign in Fukui
12. Holy Snow on Hakusan
13. Tales of Tokyo
14. Cooling Off in the Kuzuryu
15. The Sock Smeller
16. Adrift on Obama Bay
17. Festival Fever
18. Slow Boat to Hokkaido
19. Of Samuari, Swords and Sushi
20. Creatures of the Kuzuryu
21. Confessions of a Failed Taiko Drummer
22. Sayonara Sadness